Sherm N Demand is in Da Buinding



Born Sherman L Gordon on November 16,1979 the second of a set of twins Sherm N Demand began writing creatively in the 5th grade. At the age of 18 he and his twin devised a plan to become a writing/ performing duo with Sherm being the former. June 14th 2008 that plan was cut short with the tragic death of Sherwin to gun violence on the streets of Chicago during the Bulls 6th championship celebrations. Devastated and determined Sherman built his first studio shortly thereafter and began carving his niche in the Chicago music scene. Over the next 15 years he remained relevant by owning several recording studios and film production companies. Working with artist from Crucial Conflict and Do or Die all the way up to modern artist like Chief Keef, Herb and Lil Durk. With the 15 year anniversary of his twins' death approaching Sherm's baby brother Lawill convinced him to record a mixtape marking the occasion AF15 was the result. His first solo project, AF15 was a 90s feel bass ridden message filled masterpiece. Tragically less than a year later Lawill too would be killed in an incident involving off duty state troopers beating him senseless and him being hit by a car fleeing the attack. After Lawill's death there was an overwhelming outcry from family and friends for a tribute song. TUK823 was what would become of those cries. TUK823 was sonically the turning point for Sherm as an artist. Starkly different from his past music it was energy infused and fun just as Lawill would have it. The video was shot during the repast and was epic beyond measure. A new fresh sound has emerged and with a performance unmatched  Sherm has become a force to be reckoned with on the Chicago music scene. Recently being awarded Best Conscious Artist at the Chicago Rap Awards 2K17.  Sherm is starting to be recognized by his fans and peers alike as one of the best artist in the City to date. After being originally inspired to rap by the death of his twin and further inspiration drawn from his baby brother Lawill , Sherm N Demand is poised to take the music industry by storm, and he's just getting warm!!!


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